About LGBTQ Fremont

a chapter of the LGBT Community Network

Our Mission
The mission of LGBT Community Network is to enhance the well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender communities by providing activities, programs and services that create and support community; empower community members; provide essential resources; and embrace, promote and support our cultural diversity.

LGBT Community Network is a 501(c)3 organization, based in Fresno, CA.
Tax ID 81-3066621

Our Story
The Fremont chapter of LGBT Community Network, LGBTQ Fremont, was established in order to create a central place for queer folks in Fremont and the surrounding areas to find community and resources. We believe that by creating and promoting ethical and transparent systems of democratic, queer leadership, our community can come together to create incredible events, initiatives, and a sense of belonging for all queer residents across the Bay Area.

Our Values

  • Elevating and empowering LGBTQ+ leaders
  • Radical transparency, inclusion and diversity
  • Democratic processes and values
  • Collaboration, and partnership
  • Community development through the ethical, equitable and sustainable use of natural, economic, social, and human resources
  • Valuing the expertise and experience of the local community through promoting civic involvement and participation
  • Scientific data and evidence-based practices

Our Vision
LGBTQ Fremont strives to be a leader in LGBTQ+ community development, and active partner in the implementation of strategies to achieve community goals. As such, we will use community meetings, surveys, and scientific research to create and guide local policy initiatives and activities.

LGBTQ Fremont’s
long-term goals include creating a comprehensive queer resource specific to the needs LGBTQ community in Fremont, particularly youth. We hope to connect various smaller communities to guide action for larger change. We encourage members to have difficult conversations by putting aside judgment and replacing it with compassionate discourse to cultivate a connected queer community. This means, ultimately, be empathetic, listen, and try to understand
one another.

Those who listen, change the world

– Nobel Peace Center
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